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Why can't I see my event listed on the frontpage?

The number of events listed on the frontpage are limited because the fontpage would grow into a very long page if we would list all the events there. However, the events are chonologically ordered, meaning that the top event of each state is the one coming up next.

Once this event has taken place, it will be automatically unpublished and the next following events are flowing in. 

This means that your event will be there once the time is up for it, you will not have to do anything for it.

There is a link at the end of each state that will bring the visitor to a page that shows all the events listed in that state, again in chronological order. So if you don't see your event, it will be there.

Fact is however, we have listed your event already on social media and Google, so if people google for an event like yours, it will come up for them. This does not matter where exactly your event is situated on our website.

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What people are saying ...

Just a wonderful page to share retreats. Petra is offering her service so generously for free. I respect Petra very much and am in awe for this possibility to share with similar minded people a wide range of retreats and workshops in Australia. Thank you Petra and your team for this amazing platform!

Christina B., Western Australia

  It’s such a beautiful and simple way to advertise and grow your business. Thank you for the opportunity to use the service.  

Belinda M.

  Thank you for your amazing work!!!  


  Awesome functionality, very thorough, I love advertising my events on this website. 😃  

Susan M.

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