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Where can I post my event for free?

Where can I list my event for free?

If you run a spiritual, holistic or alternative event / workshop / training / clinic / expo / festival / conference / course in Australia, you can post your event for free in on the Holistic Events Australia website.

Holistic Events Australia will after approval of your event on their website promote your event on their social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and makes sure that the search engines such as Google will reflect this event on the search engines without you needing to take further action.

What are the benefits of posting your event on the Holistic Events Australia website?

Your event post on this website can be as powerful as you want it to be. Here are some interesting features you can engage:

1. People can register for your event on this website

You can collect the registrations to your event in your account on Holistic Events Australia. It allows you a quick overview over your participants and their contact details.

2. Limit the number of participants for your event

You can limit the amount of people that can sign up for your event. This is particularly useful if your event has only a small capacity for people to attend.

3. People can pay for your event on this website

If you hold a Paypal Business account, you can take payments for your registrations straight from your event listing. Please note: Holistic Events does not charge extra (above the normal Paypal fees that apply anyway) for this service, all the proceeds go to you.

4. You can link to an outside website to take registrations and payments

If you have your own registration and payment system, simply put a link into your event listing and we will forward all the interested parties to your website.

5. Run the same event on different dates?

No need to list your event several times. When you post your event you can add up to 3 different dates and locations where you run your event again.

The list of features is definitely not finished. If you are interested to learn more, why not head over to the full description of "how you can list my event on Holistic, Spiritual & Alternative Events Directory of Australia"?

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